Centerpoint Energy


CenterPoint Energy is an investor-owned electricity utility company in Texas, based in Houston, Texas.

Service Map


Contact CenterPoint Energy

You can reach CenterPoint Energy on the following numbers:

  • For Customer Service from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday except holidays: 1-800-332-7143 (electric service), and 800-752-8036 (gas service)
  • For a gas emergency (888)-876-5786 (24/7).
  • By email at .
  • By mail at the following postal address: CenterPoint Energy, Inc., P.O. Box 4981, Houston, Texas, 77210-4981.

Understanding Your Bill

CenterPoint Energy does not issue your energy bill, only your retail energy provider does. The energy provider's bill will contain the delivery charges which CenterPoint Energy receives as well as the supply charges owed to the retail provider. For any question concerning  your energy bill, you must directly contact your retail energy supplier. Here is the list of energy providers in Texas.

Rates & Tariffs

For information about supply charges, delivery charges, various rates and tariffs when you are serviced by CenterPoint Energy, you must contact your retail energy provider directly. Please find here the list of providers.

Electric Supply Prices

Whereas delivery charges vary little over time (they are fixed charges owed to the utility company to maintain the energy transmission & distribution grids), supply rates depend on offer and demand, and can change on a daily basis. For historical values of electricity supply prices, you must contact your retail energy provider (REP).

Budget Billing

Budget billing is a method for the customers to spread out their bill equally over the year, in order to avoid irregular monthly bills, mostly caused by market and seasonal variations. Budget billing with CenterPoint Energy must be set up through your retail energy provider (REP). To sign up, and for additional information, you must reach out directly to your REP.

Scope of Activity

The activities of CenterPoint Energy include:

  • Power transmission & distribution. CenterPoint Energy is present solely in Texas for electricity, where transmission & distribution companies cannot hold any electricity producing facilities (power plants), as a consequence of the energy deregulation laws.
  • Natural gas distribution. For natural gas, CenterPoint Energy is present in Minnesota, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.

The activity of CenterPoint Energy is better resumed in this map:


Power transmission & distribution

CenterPoint Energy brings energy to 2.2 million customers. These customers are mostly residential (87.5%), but in terms of energy consumption, the customer base is spread equally between residential, commercial and industrial customers:

Customer type Power consumption (% of total power delivered by CenterPoint Energy)
Residential 34.3%
Commercial 30.4%
Industrial 35.1%
Municipal / public utilities < 0.2%

CenterPoint Energy has 2 types of power lines to transport power to its customers:

Type of power line Quantity
Transmission (high voltage transport of power over large distances) 3,700 miles
Distribution (low voltage transport of power over shorter distances) 50,000 miles

Natural gas distribution

CenterPoint Energy distributes gas to residential, commercial and industrial customers in:

  • Minnesota
  • Oklahoma
  • Arkansas
  • Mississippi
  • Louisiana
  • Texas

About 93% of CenterPoint Energy's customers are residential. But the commercial & industrial customers are the biggest consumers:

Customer type Natural gas consumption in Bcf (billion cubic feet)
Residential 182
Commercial & industrial 265

CenterPoint Energy has 118,188 miles of natural gas distribution pipelines across its 6 states of activity.


CenterPoint Energy came from the mergers of various companies, the oldest of which date back from 1866. The final conglomerate was called the Houston Lighting & Power (HL&P). In 2002, following the deregulation of the energy markets, no electricity company could hold all power generation assets, transmission & distribution assets and retail sales assets activities. Therefore, the HL&P Company was split between Reliant Energy the retail sales branch, Texas Genco which holds the power generation assets, and CenterPoint Energy which holds the natural gas and electricity transmission & distribution assets.

Centerpoint Energy is a power distribution company in USA. The registered office is located in :

P.O. Box 4981
77210 Houston, TX

Activate your account with Centerpoint Energy

You are moving and wish to activate your account with Centerpoint Energy? It’s simple. Call Centerpoint Energy by dialing and give :

  • Your exact address (apt. no., street no., street name, city/town, zipcode).
  • Your name.
  • Date of required activation.

Speak with a customer service agent

Do you have a question related to a commercial issue? Call the Centerpoint Energy customer service by dialing . They can help you with questions such as you bill, rates, or the terms of your contract.

Pay your bill

When you activate your line and create an account in your name, Centerpoint Energy may ask you to pay your bills by several options:

  • By automatic account transfer.
  • Check sent by mail.
  • Credit or debit card by telephone.
  • Cash or card at an authorized payment office.