Utility Companies in Texas

There are different types of Transmission & Distribution Utilities (TDU) in Texas. Some benefit from the energy market deregulation laws, others do not. Here we give information on the different types of utility companies in Texas, the areas which they serve, how to contact them, and more.

Utility companies in Texas

Utility companies in Texas are also called Transmission and Distribution Utilities (TDU), because (as their name would suggest) they are responsible for ensuring the safe and reliable transmission (transportation along high voltage lines from the generator to the distribution system) and distribution (transportation along low voltage lines from the distribution system to your home) of power.

There are three types of utility companies in Texas:

  • Private investor owned utility companies
  • Municipally owned utility companies
  • Utility cooperatives

While all three types of utility perform many of the same functions, they are not registered under the same legal entity and are not regulated by the exact same laws.

Investor-owned Utility Companies

Investor-owned utilities cover approximately 85% of the population in Texas, and the retail electricity market within their service areas has been opened to competition. This means that customers within their service territories have a choice of energy supplier.

The map below shows the areas of Texas serviced by these utility companies. 

There are five investor-owned utilities in Texas, each with their own unique service territories.

TDU Service Area Covered
Parts of west and south Texas
Houston and surrounding areas
Dallas, Fort Worth, & surrounding areas; parts of west Texas
Mostly central Texas
Parts of west Texas; Dallas, Fort Worth, & surrounding areas
North of Texas

Municipal Utilities

Municipal utilities are owned and operated by the cities they serve. They are not directly owned by the inhabitants of the area, but the members of the council can be elected by the inhabitants. Most municipal utilities (although not all) haven't been subjected to deregulation laws, therefore consumers in these areas usually cannot choose their retail energy provider (REP)

Utility Cooperatives

A utility cooperative is a not-for-profit company owned by its customers.  Co-ops were not included in the energy deregulation laws since they are already considered as a democratic system of power and gas supply. This system tends to exist in rural areas with low population density - in bigger cities, where population density is greater, the complexity of the system would be difficult to handle by this type of structure.

List of Municipal Utilities and Utility Cooperatives in Texas

Customers within the service area of utility cooperatives and/or municipal utilities do not have a choice of who provides their electricity, as both the delivery and the supply of energy are organized  by the utility. Find the contact information for your municipal utility or utility cooperative below: