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One of the largest retail electric providers in Texas, TXU Energy provides electricity and energy services to over two million residential and commercial customers across the state. TXU offers fixed rate plans, prepaid plans, plans with free electricity on nights and/or weekends, renewable energy plans, and innovative energy saving services.

Our Take on TXU Energy

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With the right plan, TXU Energy could be a good choice of provider for your Texas electricity supply. Their prices are generally quite competitive, and their size is a testament to their success in providing quality service. However, as is often the case with larger REP in Texas, they have attracted a number of official and online complaints, mostly related to billing and slamming (see the statistics from the Texas Public Utilities Commission here).

BBB RANKING TXU Energy has been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau for the low incidence of consumer complaints filed against it relative to its size.

That being said, we recommend that current TXU Energy take a look at the rates available on the market when their plan reaches the end of its term, as some customers have reported automatic renewals to higher rates.


Depending on where you live, TXU Energy's prices can be quite competitive. Keep in mind that plans charging the lowest rates tend to be those with online-only customer service/automated payment, which may not be for everyone. TXU Energy recently made national news for its plans that offer free electricity at night. While plans that offer free electricity might be attractive, keep in mind that daytime rates charged may be higher than average. Some other things we like about TXU Energy's offers include:

  • Free consumption plans
  • Good referral incentives
  • 100% renewable plans

Remember, pricing can vary according to where you live. Call us at 832-460-0233 and tell us your zip code to get competing offers and find the lowest prices and best plans for you.

Customer Service

TXU Energy has developped a strong reputation for customer service, with an A+ rating from the BBB (as of January, 2016), based on the length of time it has been in business, and its responsiveness to any complaints filed against it. While at the time of writing (January 2016) it had the highest number of complaints filed to the Texas Public Utilities Commission (see listing here), being one of the largest REP in Texas its complaint:size ratio is actually quite low.

However, online reviews of the customer experiences with TXU Energy seem to be mixed. Dissatisfaction and poor reviews are usually a result of:

  • Poor experiences with customer service representatives
  • Problems with the "average billing" feature.
  • Disconnection fees

However, TXU Energy appears to be responsive towards customer concerns reported online.

Contract Conditions

We like that TXU Energy offers relatively transparent Terms & Conditions. However, you might want to be aware of the following:

  • No early termination fee if you move and provide proof
  • While TXU Energy doesn't charge a minimum usage fee, a $30 bill credit will be applied for each billing cycle when usage is 800 kWh or more.

However, you should always read through the terms and conditions yourself of every plan that you're interested in.

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