Cirro Energy

Cirro Energy, a member of the NRG Energy family of energy companies, provides electricity supply to customers in Texas. They offer a limited range of products at competitive prices.



Our Take On Cirro Energy

Cirro Energy provides electric service in Texas, and offers fixed-rate plans with a variety of contract lengths. The company does offer green energy plans and one variable rate plan, but no other innovations like cheaper nights and weekends usage. Some consumers might find their range of offers limited, while others might be happy with the simplicity and straightforwardness of the choices available. Compare reviews with other suppliers.

Based on our investigation into Cirro Energy's rates, contract options, and customer reviews, we rate the company . We like that their rates are quite competitive with what else is on offer on the market in Texas.

Cirro Energy Advantages & Disadvantages

Cirro Energy offers numerous advantages to customers, including:

  • Competitive rates
  • Positive customer service experience
  • Some involvement in the community: Cirro Energy sponsors some childrens and sports activities, and has made over $150,000 in charitable donations in the communities the company serves

However, no company is perfect, and Cirro Energy is no exception. Electricity customers interested in Cirro Energy might want to be aware of the following:

  • Limited range of offers
  • Relatively high cancellation fees
  • Minimum usage fee threshold can be as high as 2000 kWh/month

Cirro Energy Electricity Offers

Plan Type Terms Available Details Termination Fee Our Thoughts
Residential fixed rate 3, 6, 9, 12, 24 months
  • Minimum usage fee charged (exact price and minimum threshold varies by contract)
  • 5-6% renewable content, depending on the contract
  • Shorter-term (3 or 6 month) contracts come at lower prices, but you are not guaranteed similar prices when it is time to renew
  • Shorter-term (3 or 6 month) contracts have relatively higher early termination fees
Residential fixed rate - Green 12 months
  • Minimum usage fee of $9.95 for usage under 1000 kWh/month
  • 100% renewable content
  • The same as the standard 12 month plan, but with 100% renewable energy

Explanation of Plan Options

Fixed vs Variable Rates Options

A fixed rate does not change over the whole period of the contract, meaning that for the length of the contract (3, 6, 12, or 24 months) the price you pay for electricity in ยข/kWh does not change. In general we recommend choosing fixed rate contracts of at least 12 months or more. As electricity prices per kilowatt-hour fluctuate throughout the year, and you may actually lose money by not being able to take advantage of prices when they are low. However, because electricity prices tend to increase over time, locking in fixed rates for longer periods may prove advantageous and deliver savings. You can find more information about fixed rates in our guide.

In general, we do not recommend variable rates, as most customers report negative experiences with them. With prices not guaranteed after the first month, variable rates tend to be highly unpredictable. Find out more about variable electricity prices in Texas.

Some customers have reported savings on fixed rate electricity plans from Cirro Energy. Fixed rate plans can often be a good deal if you are able to lock in a good rate at the right time of year.

Automatic RenewalsLike many Texas REPs, Cirro Energy will automatically enroll customers in a month-to-month variable plan at the end of a fixed price plan, unless customers decide to switch suppliers or choose another fixed rate. Watch out for attractive fixed rates on very short plans (3 months - 6 months), as the variable rate that you may be charged after may not be nearly as good of a deal.

Base Charges/Minimum Usage Fees

Base charges are flat charges that are charged every month regardless of the amount of power consumed. Minimum usage fees kick in when customer consumption is below a certain minimum monthly threshold. Cirro Energy does charge minimum usage fees in many of its plans. Cirro Energy charges $9.95 a month for plans with a minimum usage fee, with the threshold ranging from 1,000 kWh to 2,000 kWh a month, depending on the plan.

Green Energy Plans

Cirro Energy offers one 100% green energy plan, (at 12 months), but their regular offers include just 5-6% renewable content. This is well below the Texas average of 10.8%.

To find out exactly what a renewable energy plan is, check out our article: Impact of green rates on the environment.

Customer Service Ratings With Cirro Energy

We rate the customer experience with Cirro Energy as .

Cirro Energy has been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. We feel confident rating them four stars based on a review of online feedback. Customers appreciate the straightforward rates and Terms and Conditions. They do not have a wide range of offers, but they are clearly displayed on the Cirro Energy website. We found their terms and conditions quite transparent, but some customers have been dissatisfied with the billing and customer service departments in particular.

For more detail on our rating, please visit our Cirro Energy customer reviews page.

About Cirro Energy

Cirro Energy was acquired by Dominion Resources, Inc. in 2008. Dominion Resources was aquired by NRG Energy in 2014, bringing Cirro Energy into the NRG Energy family of companies, which also includes Reliant Energy and Green Mountain Energy.

Contact Cirro Energy

Email: via an embedded form on their website

Cirro Energy Phone (Residential): 1-800-MY-CIRRO (1-800-692-4776)

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