Viridian Energy

Founded in 2009, Viridian Energy offers renewable options to electricity and natural gas customers of choice across the United States.

Renewable Energy

All of Viridian's natural gas and electricity plans contain some percentage of green or renewable energy. Customers have a number of options for their renewable energy mix.

Plan name Energy Type Renewable Energy percent
Pure Green Electricity 100% Renewable Wind Energy
Everyday Green Electricity 50% Renewable Energy, and 50% REC offset
RPS + 50% Renewable Energy Electricity 50% Renewable Energy, 50% meeting state standards for minimum renewable energy
Simply Right Natural Gas 25% carbon offset
Simply Right 100 Natural Gas 100% carbon offset

The availability of different energy mixes depends on your location.

What are RECs and Carbon Offsets?

Both Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and Carbon Offsets are used to counter your energy usage. RECs are normally purchased on your behalf by your supplier in electricity plans, and they go to pay for the generation and production of green energy elsewhere in the United States. Though the energy does not go directly to your home, it helps to foster the growth of more renewable energy in the US.

Carbon offsets work in a similar way, but instead counteract the carbon emissions from your natural gas use, usually by supporting projects in renewable energy. Because a renewable alternative to natural gas is not readily available in most areas, Viridian Energy offers carbon offsets instead.

Rate Plans

Depending on your location, different contract types are available with each energy mix.

Fixed Rates: 3DOM Fixed

With Viridian's 3DOM fixed plans, contract terms are up to 3 years. Your rate for electricty per kilowatt-hour and for gas per therm or cubic foot remains fixed for the full contract period.

If you have paid more with Viridian on a fixed rate plan than you would have with your local utility, by the end of your contract term, Viridian will reimburse you for 110% of the difference.

There is a $50 early termination fee.

We recommend fixed rate plans if you are able to lock in a competitive rate over a longer term period.

Variable Rates: 3DOM Flex

On 3DOM Flex plans, customers have a 36 month contract. During the first two months, the rate for energy is discounted 5% from their local utility's index price. They can switch to a fixed rate at any time, as specified on their contract.

After the first two months, customers on the 3DOM Flex plan are put onto a variable index rate, which changes monthly. There is no early cancellation fee for 3DOM Flex plans, unless you lock in a fixed rate at which point it becomes $50.

We do not recommend siging up for a variable rate with Viridian. As recently as September 2014 the state of Maryland filed a class action lawsuit against misleading claims about savings in Viridian's variable energy plans, along with three other alternative suppliers.

Customer Reviews

There are customers with both positive and negative experiences with the company. Some customers have experienced impressive savings on fixed rate plans and they appreciate the rate stability and predictability.

However, many customers are not happy with Viridian's independent sales consultant model, since it has sometimes led to evasive sales practices. Additionally, variable rate plans can quickly become significantly more expensive than a customer's local utility, as evidenced by Maryland's lawsuit.

Read more customer reviews, including our take on the matter, at our Viridian Energy reviews page.

Solar Options

Viridian Energy also has solar panel options with SolarCity, a partner company. Installation is free, as is lifetime maintenance. Viridian custom designs solar panels based on your home, and SolarCity is charged with installation and maintenance. You pay only for the electricity you use, and there is no charge for the solar panels themselves.

You also can earn credits with your utility company for excess electricity you produce, which is delivered back onto the grid. You may also qualify for government rebates based on your state.

The solar panels will not meet all of your electricity usage, as you will still require energy at night, and the panels are not sufficiently equipped with storage mechanisms.

Solar power is a 100% renewable energy source with no carbon footprint.

States Served


Viridian Energy offers renewable electricity options in the following states: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, & Washington, D.C.

Natural Gas

Customers in Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, & Washington, D.C. receive offset natural gas service from Viridian Energy.

On the below map, territories receiving electricity only are blue. Both electricity & gas is denoted by purple. Natural gas only service is in red.


Solar Energy

States receiving solar energy services include Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, & Washington, D.C.


Business Customers

There are minimum monthly usage requirements for commercial accounts. For example, for small business customers, this is more than 3,000 therms or Ccf per month for natural gas, and a peak demand for electricity higher than 75 kilowatts. An energy consultant will meet with you to find a plan that meets your needs. Business customers have access to the same renewable energy sources as residential customers.

Contact Information for Viridian Energy

You can reach customer service representatives by phone at 1-866-663-2508. Find out for Viridian Energy.

Company Background

Viridian was founded in 2009. It is a subsidiary of Crius Energy, along with Public Power. In 2012, it won the ETHOS Rising Star Award from the Direct Selling Association.

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