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Verde Energy is an alternate supplier serving green electricity to 7 states. Customers appreciate plan flexibility and freedom from cancellation fees, but it may be difficult to cancel plans in a timely fashion.

Our Take

Verde Energy customers appreciate the lack of cancellation fees on fixed rate plans, and that the company delivers affordable green energy plans. Additionally, Verde Energy enjoys a top Better Business Bureau rating for customer service.

However, it may be difficult to cancel service as quickly as customers would like, and guaranteed savings plans may not deliver, according to some.

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Rates Available

Rate Type Contract Length Early Cancellation Fees More Details Our Recommendations
Fixed Rates 4, or 6 months None
  • Rate remains the same for entire contract period
  • May take 30 days notice to cancel
  • No early cancellation fees
Recommended for customers seeking green energy solutions

Recommended Fixed Rates

We recommend fixed rate contracts with alternate suppliers like Verde Energy, because you may be able to save in comparison to your local utility for the right periods of time.

Normally, we do not advise customers to join fixed rate electricity plans for less than 18 months, because the rate of electricity per kilowatt-hour fluctuates so much over the course of one year that customers could end up losing out when the market price drops. However, the cost of electricity increases over time, making longer-term contracts a potentially good deal.

Verde Energy electricity contracts are all shorter than 12 months. However, with the added benefit of renewable energy and no cancellation fees, shorter contracts with Verde Energy may be a good deal for some customers.

Freedom from Cancellation Fees

Customers who have been on fixed rate plans with other alternate suppliers may notice - and be grateful for it - that there are no early termination fees on plans with Verde Energy. Without cancellation fees, customers have the freedom to sign up for service even if they are not sure that they will want to remain with Verde Energy for their entire contract term.

However, consumers should be aware that it may take up to 30 days to cancel service after putting in a request.

Affordable Green Energy

Many customers are pleased with the fact that all Verde Energy electricity plans are at least partially sourced from renewable sources. In some markets including Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York, Verde Energy offers plans with 100% wind-generated power. 

In addition, fixed rates can deliver affordable green energy options for customers, which is appreciated.

Positive Customer Service Experiences

Better Business Bureau (BBB) gave Verde Energy an outstanding A+ rating for customer service as of March 2015. BBB approves of the company's response to customer complaints, considering it quick and effective.

Additionally, Verde Energy receives a small number of complaints relative to its size, and it has been operating for a sufficient amount of time to successfully guide the customer service experience.

Billing Concerns

According to the Better Business Bureau, the majority of official complaints filed against Verde Energy from April 2014 to March 2015 center around billing concerns.

Among common problems include difficulty cancelling service in a timely manner.

Falling Short of Guaranteed Savings

Verde Energy offers plans which promise to save customers a certain percentage each month in comparison to rates at their utility. However, some customers feel that these plans have instead delivered rates which are more expensive than their local utility. 

More Information

Verde Energy serves electricity customers in 7 states across the east coast and midwestern United States. The company is based in Norwalk, Connecticut, where it was founded in 2009.

You can reach customer service agents at 1-800-388-3862, 24/7. For complete details, go to our .

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