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Titan Gas & Power offers electricity and natural gas supply at fixed and variable rates for customers in Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania.

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Titan Gas & Power Service Area

Titan Gas & Power offers natural gas supply in New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The company also offers electricity plans in Ohio.


The company also serves business customers.

Plans Available

Fixed Rates

Fixed rate plans feature the same rate for electricity per kilowatt-hour or natural gas per therm for the entire contract length.

Titan Gas & Power's fixed rate contract lengths include:

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • 24 months

There are early cancellation fees on fixed rate plans, ranging from $10-12 per month left on the contract.

We recommend fixed rate plans for both natural gas and electricity. With Titan Gas & Power, the 24 month plan is a better offer for electricity. Choose a competitive plan for electricity during non-summer months. For natural gas, customers will save more on contracts of 12 months or less. Be sure to lock in natural gas rates in the winter, when they are at their lowest.

Budget Billing Plans

Titan Gas & Power offers a budget billion option for natural gas customers on fixed rate plans of 12 months or more. This is an option to pay an average bill each month based on your annual usage the year before. After 12 months you will pay the difference between your estimated and actual usage.

Variable Rates

Titan Gas & Power offers variable rates for certain Ohio electricity customers. There are no contracts or cancellation fees with variable rate contracts, which is why some consumers prefer them. However, rates are subject to fluctuate much more than your local utility and so we do not recommend them.

Variable rate plans with Titan Gas & Energy automatically renew each month.

Customer Reviews for Titan Gas & Power

Customers are very pleased with savings on fixed rate plans. See the section above on fixed rates to be sure you select a good contract term.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates the company with a A- for resolving customer concerns quickly and effectively.

However, some customers allege that Titan Gas & Power has signed them up for service without their permission.

Read more customer experiences, including our take, on our Titan Gas & Power reviews page.

Contact Titan Gas & Power

You can contact the company at 1-888-355 6205. Find complete contact information for the company on our .

About Titan Gas & Power

Titan Gas & Power was established in 2005. It is currently based in Houston, Texas.

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