Plymouth Rock Energy Reviews

Plymouth Rock Energy is an alternate energy supplier serving 6 states in the northeast and midwest. Fixed rate plans can deliver savings, and there are no early cancellation fees. However, there may be unclear contract terms.

Our Thoughts

Customers are pleased with savings on fixed rate plans with Plymouth Rock Energy. These plans can be a good choice, as long as you pick a good contract length and lock in a competitive rate. There are also no early cancellation fees on plans with Plymouth Rock Energy, which many consumers find refreshing. The company also has great customer service reviews.

However, variable rate plans can be much more expensive than your local utility's offers. Additionally, some customers feel that contract terms are unclear, and wait times can be long to speak with a customer service representative. Compare reviews with other suppliers.

Plans Available

Plan Type Contract Lengths & Early Cancellation Fees Details Our Opinon
Fixed Rate Plans
  • Contracts: 6, 9, 12, 18, or 24 months
  • No cancellation fees
  • Rates remain the same for entire contract period
  • 30 days written notice required to cancel
  • Automatically becomes variable rate at end of contact


  • Electricity: 18 or 24 month contracts
  • Natural gas: 6, 9, or 12 month contracts
Variable Rate Plans
  • No contract or cancellation fee
  • Contract automatically renews each month
  • Rates may change each month
  • May have introductory rates followed by normal variable rates
  • 30 days written notice required to cancel
Not recommended

Fixed Rate Savings

Customers report that they are pleased with fixed rate plans, where they have often been able to save in comparison to their local utility.

We recommend fixed rate plans for both electricity and natural gas, because variable rate plans are not regulated by your state government and will usually end up being more expensive than your local utility.

Electricity Recommendations

For electricity customers, we recommend contracts of 18 or 24 months with Plymouth Rock Energy. We recommend that you lock in a competitive rate in non-summer months, when prices for electricity are the lowest. Generally shorter contracts for electricity may not be a good deal, because the market price for electricity per kilowatt-hour fluctuates so much that you may not get to save when prices are cheaper. The price of electricity does rise over time, though, so locking in a fixed rate price for longer periods can end up being a good deal.

Natural Gas Plans

For natural gas however, 6-12 month contracts are a better deal, as long as you get a good rate during the winter, when prices per therm are actually the lowest. Prices for natural gas fall over the long-term, but fluctuate during the short term. You may be able to save as long as you choose a competitive price during winter months.

Top Customer Service Reviews

Some customers report that Plymouth Rock Energy is very responsive to customer needs, and that they are knowledgeable of their product. Additionally, the company earned an A+ from the Better Business Bureau for responding quickly and appropriately to customer needs.

Many consumers are also grateful that there are no early cancellation fees on fixed rate plans with Plymouth Rock Energy. This is uncommon with alternative suppliers, and gives customers the freedom to sign up for service even if they are not sure they will want to stay with Plymouth Rock Energy for the entire contract.

All plans with Plymouth Rock Energy have no early termination fee.


Other customers really appreciate awards for fidelity, including rewards for signing up. With their myPoints program, Plymouth Rock Energy gives new customers points redeemable for merchandise on online stores.

Easy Sign Up

Customers appreciate that it is easy to open a new service account with the company. Online account management is also considered straightforward.

Hidden Plan Terms

Some customers are disappointed by contract terms they did not feel informed about, such as the fact that fixed rate plans automatically become variable at the end of their contract period. Additionally, it may take up to 3 months to update your fixed rate plan, so even customers who re-subscribe allege that they are still charged variable rates while waiting for their new fixed rate contract to take effect.

Long Wait Times

Customers report that they may have to wait a long time to speak with a customer service representative on the phone. Some people report frustration with this.


Plymouth Rock Energy is based in Woodmere on Long Island, New York where it was established over 60 years ago as a coal and heating oil company. Now it serves retail electricity and natural gas customers across 6 states.

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