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With customers in six states across the US, Oasis Energy is an alternate natural gas and electricity supplier with positive customer service reviews. Customers may save on fixed rate plans, but variable rates are not as certain.

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Our Thoughts

Many customers appreciate saving on fixed rate plans with Oasis Energy, and the company has good customer service reviews.

However, variable rates may not be as stable. The company also faces allegations of misleading sales practices. Compare reviews with other suppliers.

Plans Available

Plan Type Contract length & early cancellation fees Details Our opinion
Fixed rate plans
  • 12, 24, or 36 month contracts
  • Cancellation: $12 per remaining month on contract
  • Rate remains the same for entire contract


  • Gas: 12 months
  • Electricity: 24 or 36 months
Variable rates None
  • Rate changes each month
  • No contract: service automatically renewed each month

Not recommended

Affordable Fixed Rates

Some customers report feeling very pleased with how much they have been able to save on fixed rate plans with Oasis Energy in comparison to rates with their local utility.

We recommend fixed rate plans, as long as you are able to find a competitive rate during a cheaper period of the year. For natural gas customers, 12 month contracts will save you the most on gas per therm with Oasis Energy. Just be sure to compare prices during the winter when natural gas is the cheapest.

Electricity customers should go for 24 or 36 month contracts to save on rates per kilowatt-hour.

Fluctuating Variable Rates

There are reports that variable rates may become more expensive than prices offered by your local utility. Customers feel frustrated about this, especially since the first month may have attractive rates, before increasing just after.

Good Online Presence

Many consumers feel that it is easy to manage their account online, and they appreciate this feature. Customers also enjoy the company's strong social media presence. 

Customer Service Reviews

Customers report that representatives are helpful and personable. Some people also appreciate that Oasis Energy welcomes their reviews, positive or negative, to be sure the company is improving their offerings.

Moderate Service Ratings

The company has a B- rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Positives for Oasis Energy include responding well to official consumer complaints, and resolving them.

However, Oasis Energy's review is lowered for not addressing the root cause of similar complaints. These center around sales representatives allegedly providing misleading information about the extent of savings on plans. When customers found that savings did not live up to their expectations, they wanted to cancel but still had to pay an early cancellation fee. According to the BBB, these complaints have been filed regularly for the company since June 2012

Company Background

Based in Houston, Texas, Oasis Energy serves 6 US states with natural gas and electricity. Founded in 2008, the company plants a tree for every new customer that joins.

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