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NRG Energy is a large energy company, dual-headquartered in West Windsor Township, New Jersey, and Houston, Texas. The company provides energy supply options to residential customers in seven states, and home solar in six states. The company earns high marks for fixed rate plans and customer service, but some consumers feel misled by variable rate plans.

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Our Take on NRG

With the right plan, NRG Home has the potential to be a good supplier for your electricity or natural gas. Customers may find good savings on fixed rate plans, and the company offers a wide variety of customer rewards (such as cash back or bill reductions) as well as renewable energy options. NRG has an A+ rating for customer service from the Better Business Bureau, based on the few complaints filed against the company given its size and history.

However, customers should watch out for three-month introductory rates on variable plans, which can often be misleading. Variable rates can change at NRG's discretion, and there is no guarantee that the price will stay the same after the three months are over.

NRG's Plans and Our Opinion

Plan Type Terms Available Early Termination Fee Additional Notes Our Thoughts
Fixed Rate Plans 6 to 12 months

$10 per month remaining (maximum $100)

  • Rate remains the same throughout the term of the plan
  • Depending on the plan offered, additional features may include:
    • 5% solar energy content, 25% wind content, 100% wind, or 100% offset (gas)
    • Sign up bonus after first 3-6 months (amounts vary depending on the plan)
    • 1-5% cash back quarterly (amount varies depending on the plan)
    • Free electricity during off-peak hours
    • Football merchandise
    • Goal zero portable power products
12 month contracts may not deliver significant savings but rewards and green energy may be worthwhile
Variable Rate Plans Month to Month 

No termination fees

  • Some plans include an introductory 3-month price freeze
  • Prices can change at NRG Home's discretion, but increases can be no more than 30% more than last month's rate
Not recommended

Savings on Fixed Rate Plans

Customers appreciate the ability to save, and also consume green energy, on fixed rate plans with NRG.

We recommend fixed rate plans with NRG. Normally we recommend contract lengths of longer than 12 months, because the market for electricity fluctuates so much over the course of a year that a fixed rate plan may not deliver great savings during that period of time. However, added benefits of green energy and rewards for customers of NRG may make a year-long plan worthwhile.

NRG Customer Rewards

Customers appreciate the wealth of rewards options available. All plans with NRG come with rewards of some sort, ranging from cash back to gifts.

Top Customer Service With NRG Energy

NRG has earned a A+ from Better Business Bureau (BBB) for its customer service responses. BBB states that NRG responds quickly to customer complaints, and addresses them appropriately.

NRG's Commitment to Green Energy

In November 2014, NRG CEO David Crane made a commitment to reduce NRG's emissions of carbon by 50% by 2030, and by 90% by 2050. The company had already reduced its carbon emissions by 40% between 2005 and 2014.

NRG is the largest provider of green energy in New York state, together with its subsidiaries.

Losses on Variable Rate Plans

Customers report disappointment with NRG's variable rates, because rates can change so much from one month to the next that they end up being more expensive than a consumer's local utility. Prices often end up being much higher than advertised rates after the 3 month introductory period is over. We do not recommend variable rates with NRG.

About NRG Energy

Founded in 1989, NRG is an alternative electricity supplier headquartered in Houston, Texas with another main office in Princeton, New Jersey. NRG's subsidiaries include Reliant, Green Mountain Energy, and Energy Plus. It is ranked in the Forbes Global 2000 list of largest public companies, at #930 as of 2014. Together with all its subsidiaries, NRG serves over 3 million customers.

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