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IDT Energy is a retail energy provider (REP) that sells electricity and natural gas supply to residential and small business customers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Maryland and Washington, DC.

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Areas Served

IDT Energy serves the following states and territories with electricity and natural gas: Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C. Illinois & Pennsylvania receive electricity service only.


Business Customers

IDT Energy serves business customers in all 6 US states and territories in its service area, with natural gas and electricity options.

Type of Plans Available

Whether you pick a fixed or variable rate contract will affect the amount you pay for electricity per kilowatt-hour or natural gas per therm with IDT Energy.

Fixed Rate Plans

With no early termination fee, customers on IDT Energy's Smart Budget fixed rate plans pay the same amount for the entire contract period. Plans must be cancelled 15 days before the intended end date.

Contract term lengths available:

  • 12 months

Variable Rate Plans

With no contract period, IDT Energy's Smart Flex variable plans for electricity or gas feature rates that change each month based on market prices. You must cancel your plan at least 15 days before you'd like to finish service. Some perks with Smart Flex plans may include:

  • Free energy months, or cash rebates/rewards
  • No commitments
  • No deposits

Customer Reviews

Some customers report that savings with fixed rate plans have been significant. However, other customers report are not comfortable with IDT Energy's door to door sales model, which can be pushy and lack transparency.

Additionally, other customers state that variable rates can skyrocket from one month to the next.

Rewards Programs

In addition to rewards that are built-in to your plan, IDT Energy customers can also sign up online for energy use rewards programs. By signing up with one of these programs, you can earn points based on the number of therms or kilowatt-hours you consume.


Customers can also earn $50 for every friend that signs up and uses IDT Energy for at least 3 months.

Discounted Services

Based on partnerships with other companies, IDT Energy offers customers discounts on appliance protection and warranties. Membership includes perks such as free appliance repairs.

Additionally, IDT Energy customers have access to discounted Identity Theft protection.

Green Energy Options

IDT Energy offers consumers with the opportunity to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) for electricity usage. This means that a customer's kilowatt-hour usage will be matched with RECs, which pay to generate green energy in the United States. This means that the green energy is not used by customers themselves, but will be offset.

Contact Information

You can reach IDT Energy customer service at 1-877-887-6866. Read for the company, along with how to reach them via email.

Company History

With over 1 million customers, IDT Energy was established in 2004 to serve customers in New York State. It has since expanded to serve 6 states and territories in the northeast and midwest for natural gas and electric services.

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