Gulf Electricity Reviews

Please note that as of summer 2015, Gulf Electricity no longer serves electricity supply customers. Gulf’s electricity supply service in CT, MA, ME and NY was transferred to Think Energy

With a customer base of over 400,000 Gulf Electricity is an alternative supplier with savings on fixed rate plans. Billing may not always be straightforward.

Our Take on Gulf Electricity

With a relatively recent entrance onto the electricity supply scene, there are actually not yet many reviews available for Gulf Electricity. However customers are quite pleased with savings on fixed rate plans. If you are able to lock in a competitive rate, we recommend fixed rate plans of 18 months or more.

Gulf Electricity also has some customer friendly provisions. For instance, customers are automatically switched back to service with their local utility at the end of their fixed rate contract. This gives consumers peace of mind, without having to closely track the end date of their contract.

Because some plans have early cancellation fees, you should be sure that you want to stick with Gulf Electricity for the entire contract length before signing up. Compare reviews with other suppliers.

Plan Options and Our Thoughts

Plan type Early cancellation fee Details Contracts available Our view
Fixed rate plans $0-200, depending on plan
  • Rate remains same for entire contract
  • 30 days notice required to cancel
  • Automatically switched back to local utility at end of plan
  • Available with 100% green energy in ME & NH
6, 11, 12, 18, or 24 months Recommended for 18 or 24 month periods

Our Recommendations

Gulf Electricity offers only fixed rate plans. We recommend choosing a fixed rate electricity plan contract of 18 or 24 months. Because the market price for electricity fluctuates so much during a one year period, fixed rate plans might not actually be a good deal for periods of one year or less, in comparison to rates offered with your local utility. However, for people on renewable energy plans, the added benefit of green energy may be worth potentially higher prices for shorter periods. For more information on whether ot not Fixed rate plans are a good idea, read our Should I choose fixed rates for electricity & gas? page.

Good Plan Options

Customers report high savings on fixed rate plans. All rates with Gulf Electric are fixed, and customers appreciate this stability. Additionally, customers in Maine and New Hamphire appreciate green energy choices.

Uniquely, Gulf Electricity autmatically reverts customers to their local utility at the end of their fixed rate contract. Many suppliers instead shift customers to their own variable rate plans at the end of contracts, which can end up being a bad deal for the consumer. This feature allows Gulf Electricity customers to not have to pay close attention to their contract period.


Customers appreciate the ability to earn rewards with Gulf Electricity for making purchases. Rewards are earned after registering an eligible credit card on the company's website.

Unclear Billing & Fees

Some customers report that billing is not straightforward. Additionally, online services may not be easy to use with Gulf Electricity.

Other customers wish that there weren't early cancellation fees on some plans with Gulf Electricity, which means contract term lengths aren't flexible.

Company Background

A subsidiary of Gulf Oil, Gulf Electricity serves over 400,000 customers across 6 states in the east coast. It is based in Framingham, Massachusetts.

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