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With political activist roots, Ethical Electric serves renewable electricity to 6 US states. The company has positive customer service reviews, but variable rates may not be a good deal.

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Our Take on Ethical Electric

Rates with Ethical Electric may be slightly more than those with your local utility, but many customers find fixed rates to be a good deal. All electricity comes from 100% renewable sources, which is refreshing to some consumers. The company has a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for responding well to complaints.

However, variable rates for electricity are subject to increase more than what your local utility is offering. Unfortunately fixed rates are not available in all of Ethical Electric's service territory. Compare reviews with other suppliers.

Rates Available and Our Recommendations

Rate Type Details Contract Length Early Cancellation Fee Our Take
Fixed Rates
  • Rate remains same for entire contract
  • Not available in every part of service territory
12 months None Recommended
Variable Rates
  • Rate changes each month
  • More commonly available
None - automatically renews each month None Not recommended

Fixed Rate Savings

Normally we do not recommend electricity fixed rate plans for periods of a year or less, because a fixed rate plan may keep you from saving when the market price of electricity per kilowatt-hour falls over the course of a year. However, the added benefit of renewable energy may make possible losses worth it for some consumers.

We do not recommend variable rates however, though they are offered with Ethical Electric across its service territory. This is because variable rates are not regulated by your local government and have the potential to become more expensive than rates with your local utility.

Read more about common contract conditions.

100% Renewable Energy

One of its biggest selling points, many customers appreciate Ethical Electric's committment to green energy. All of the electricity purchased from the company comes from 100% renewable resources. Most of Ethical Electric's electricity is generated in wind farms, and the company focuses on generating renewable energy at least 200 miles within a customer's home.

Political Activism

Many customers are pleased with the activist side of the company. The CEO Tom Matzzie is a cofounder of activist website, and Ethical Electric uses political canvassing software to target and prospect new clients. Because of this, some feel that Ethical Electric can avoid outside investment and instead maintain a focus on clean energy.

Top Customer Service

Ethical Electric earned a B+ from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The score reflects a number of factors, including the company's good response to customer concerns, and the low number of official complaints that are filed for Ethical Electric with the BBB. Because the company has not been in business for a long time, BBB has lowered its score.

Higher Prices With Ethical Electric?

Some customers feel that there are not significant savings on Ethical Electric plans because energy comes from 100% renewable sources, which may be more expensive. Others report that prices are still competitive on fixed rate plans. According to the CEO, rates with Ethical Electric are often slightly higher than local utilities, but this is compensated by the added value of renewable electricity.

Ethical Electric Variable Rates

Customers report that prices on variable rate plans have a tendency to become overly expensive, and can spike far above rates offered by their local utility. Some customers state that rates may initially be attractive for the first three months of service, and then increase afterward.

About Ethical Electric

Ethical Electric was founded in 2012, and it delivers electricity service to 6 US states.

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