Ethical Electric

Ethical Electric provides 100% renewable electricity supply in over eight states, with plans to expand. The supplier offers both variable and fixed rate plans.

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Electricity Service

Ethical Electric offers 100% renewable electricity supply to Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, & Washington, D.C.


The company has plans to expand to other states that are open to energy competition, including Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, & Texas.

After switching to Ethical Electric, your local utility will still handle your monthly bill.

Customer Reviews

Reviews for Ethical Electric are mixed. Customers seem to state that fixed rate plans are a good deal, and that customer service has been relatively helpful.

However, customers on variable rate plans report that after about the three month mark, rates begin to skyrocket.

Bear in mind that fixed rate plans are not available in every part of Ethical Electric's service territory. Because variable rates are usually not regulated by your state government, we recommend not signing up for a variable plan with Ethical Electric.

Read more about customer service and our analysis on the Ethical Electric reviews page.

Wind & Solar Energy


Ethical Electric's power is generated from 100% renewable resources, including wind and solar power. The majority of plans with Ethical Electric offer 100% wind power, coming from sources as local as possible, ideally within 200 miles of a customer's home.

Using wind turbines, wind power creates virtually no negative environmental impacts in the generation of electricity. Customers receive the exact same electricity quality and service in their homes - but the source of their energy is much more environmentally-friendly.

Some Ethical Electric plans also feature a mixture of solar and wind energy.

Solar Panel Support

For customers who want to install solar panels at their homes, Ethical Electric offers support, too. It connects consumers with solar panel providers for estimates and installation. After getting solar panel service in your home, your Ethical Electric bill will be reduced, since you will be producing a portion of your electricity needs through solar panels.

Rate Plans

There are both Fixed and Variable rate plans available with Ethical Electric.

On fixed rate plans, you pay the same rate for the entire length of your contract. Ethical Electric offers 12 month fixed rate contracts, with 100% wind energy from regional sources. There is usually no early termination fee.

Variable rate plans require no long-term commitment or contract, and the price you pay for electricity changes each month based on market conditions. You can sign up for a variable plan with 100% wind energy. There is no early cancellation fee, as long as you give 30 days advance notice. Though variable rate conditions may seem attractive, consumers widely report price spikes with variable plans from Ethical Electric.

The availability of variable and fixed rate plans depends on your location.

Rewards & Benefits

Customers can earn $50 for referring a friend who joins Ethical Electric. In addition, 1% of your monthly bill goes toward supporting green and environmental advocacy organizations.

Commercial Customers

Ethical Electric also serves business customers with 100% renewable electricity. Businesses get a free 1% donation to a nonprofit of their choice each month, including organizations like the Sierra Club.

Contact Information

New customers can contact Ethical Electric at 1-800-460-4900 from Monday - Friday, 9AM - 6PM and Saturday 11 AM - 4 PM (Eastern Standard Time). Read .

Company history

Launched in 2012, Ethical Electric was originally known as Clean Energy Option. It was founded by CEO Tom Matzzie, of political activist site Ethical Electric began serving customers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, before quickly expanding to six other deregulated US states and territories.

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