Energy Plus

Founded in 2007, Energy Plus serves natural gas and electricity choice customers across eight states, and offers an extensive rewards program for its customers.

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Areas Served

Energy Plus serves electricity customers in Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Gas service is less widespread.

Natural Gas?
New Jersey
New York

Energy Plus also serves businesses in all 8 of the states in its service area. Business and commercial customers have access to rewards like cash back.

Rate Plans

Residential customers can up for variable rates with Energy Plus. Specific rate plans depend on your state and zip code.

Variable Rates

All the residential electricity and gas plans with Energy Plus are variable rate plans. With variable rates, the amount paid for electricity per kilowatt-hour, or natural gas per therm or cubic foot, changes along with the market. Most of Energy Plus's residential plans include the following features:

  • Month-to-month plan
  • First three months - promotional price
  • Price changes each month based on market
  • No termination fee
  • 10 business days right to rescind
  • One to two months to start OR stop service

Company Reviews

Some consumers report that prices with Energy Plus are initially low, and they enjoy having rewards benefits. Additionally, the company has received an A+ score from the Better Business Bureau for reacting well to customer complaints.

However, other customers feel marketing practices may be misleading. There also may be high price fluctuations on variable rate plans.

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Green Energy Options

With the Green Option with Energy Plus, customers are not able to power their homes with green electricity. Instead, Energy Plus purchases Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in wind power to equal 100% of your electricity usage. With RECs, you pay for the generation of green energy onto the grid, which can be consumed later by other users.

Energy Rewards

Customers with Energy Plus have access to unlimited rewards based on energy use and loyalty. Available rewards programs include:

  • Airline Miles
  • Cash Back
  • Education - pay debt or save for future schooling
  • Hotel/Train Points
  • Shopping Rewards

Company Information

Energy Plus was founded in 2007 in New York state, and now serves 200,000 customers. Since 2011, Energy Plus is a subsidiary of NRG Energy.

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