ConEdison Solutions

ConEdison Solutions is a competitive electric and gas supplier that serves consumers across seven states and US terrritories.

ConEdison Solutions

Where Residential Customers are Served

ConEdison Solutions serves electricity customers all over the northeast, with some midwest presence. States and territories served include:

  • Connecticut
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Washington, D.C.

ConEdison Solutions also serves natural gas customers in New York state.

Business and Government

Serving business and government customers in an even larger range of states, ConEdison Solutions delivers electricity to businesses in the above territories and Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Texas.

Customer Reviews

Customer experiences with ConEdison Solutions are mostly postiive, although there is a need for greater transparency and responsiveness.

Positive Experiences Negative Experiences
  • Significant money savings
  • Ease of signing up
  • Helpful customer service
  • Slow response to customer complaints
  • Automatic contract renewal without clear notification

Available Rate Plans

Both variable and fixed rate plans are available. Both types of plans have their advantages and drawbacks. While fixed rate plans feature rates that do not change for the entire contract period, sheltering consumers from price increases, they do not give consumers the opportunity to take advantage of price drops.

Type of Plan Contract Length Plan Details Cancellation Fee
Fixed Rate 11, 12, or 24 months Price remains the same for entire contract period No cancellation fee
Variable Rate No contract length Price changes each month with energy prices No cancellation fee

Green Plans

Available in fixed and variable versions, ConEdison Solutions offers green energy plans in some states. There are no termination fees for green energy plans.

Plan Type Source of Renewable Energy
Green Energy
  • 65% hydropower
  • 35% wind power
Wind Energy
  • 100% wind power

Green energy plans give consumers the peace of mind that their energy is generated from renewable resources, or environmentally-friendly sources. Both green sources offered by ConEdison solutions, hydro and wind power, leave little to no impact on the environment. Hydropower generates electricity through the energy in falling or flowing water. Wind power is quite self-explanatory - it harnesses wind for energy generation.

History: ConEdison Solutions

Consolidated Edison, or ConEdison, is a traditional utility serving the greater New York City area. Created in 1993, ConEdison Solutions gained its present name in 1997. ConEdison created ConEdison Solutions as a competitive electricity retail supplier. It now serves over 270,000 accounts.

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