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Commerce Energy, a subsidiary of Just Energy, provides electricity and natural gas supply to residential and business customers in eight states across the United States.

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Our Take on Commerce Energy

Depending on the area, Commerce Energy can offer competitive fixed rates, and has the potential to be a good choice of supplier.

We recommend fixed-rate plans with Commerce Energy. Be sure to enroll with a competitive rate. Call us at 410-347-8789 to find the best rates in your area

However, variable rate plans are not regulated and may end up being a worse deal than the rates offered by your local utility. Additionally, there have been numerous complaints regarding aggressive tactics used by salespeople working for Commerce Energy.

Plans Available

Depending on where you live, Commerce Energy may offer electricity, natural gas, or both in your service area.

Plan Type Duration Details Cancellation Fee
Fixed Rate Plans 12 & 36 months Supply rate does not change for entire contract period. Available for both electricity and gas.  $75, unless proof of upcoming move provided 30 days in advance
Variable Rate No limit Rate varies each month based on market conditions None

Customer Satisfaction

While some customers have noted savings as promised and helpful customer service, Commerce Energy has mostly negative reviews from customers who have posted online. To some extent this is normal, as most people tend to only post online reviews when they are unhappy (whereas satisfied customers rarely feel the need to express their opinion online). However, many customers have reported disatisfaction with door-to-door sales. 

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Sales Practices

Commerce Energy has made use of door-to-door sales in the past, for which it has negative press and criticism from online reviews. In 2013 CBS San Francisco reported customer complaints of high pressure sales tactics used by door to door salespeople. This warning was echoed in Maryland, where the Better Business Bureau warned Maryland consumers of aggressive sales practices used by Commerce Energy sales representatives. Many customers who have published online reviews of the company indicated that they were under the impression that sales representatives were working on behalf of their local utility, and not Commerce Energy.

About Commerce Energy

Commerce Energy is a subsidiary of Just Energy, which based in Ontario, Canada.

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