Chief Energy

Chief Energy is an energy services company (ESCO) serving the greater New York city area with natural gas, electricity, and heating oil.

Service Area

Chief Energy offers natural gas and electricity supply to customers in New York in the following utility service areas:

Plans Available

New customers can earn a $10 bill credit for signing up for service. Chief Energy advertises that residential customers can save up to 15% on their ConEdison or National Grid bills.

Plan type Contract length Early cancellation fee Details
Fixed Rates 12 months Difference between current fixed rate and
fixed rate when customer cancels
multiplied by
difference between customers' usage during past 12 months
and usage during renewal term
  • Price remains the same for entire contract period
  • No delivery sales taxes
  • Automatically switches to variable rates at end of plan unless customer cancels or renews
  • Notice sent 45-90 days before contract expires
Variable Rates None None
  • Prices subject to change each month
  • Potential savings of 7-15% per year in comparison to local utility
Mixed Rates None None
  • Mixture between fixed and variable rates
  • Available only for electricity
  • Plan automatically renews each month

You will pay just one bill to your local utility after switching to Chief Energy.

Deals on Fixed Rates

We recommend fixed rates with alternate suppliers like Chief Energy, because consumers can save on the rate they pay for electricity per kilowatt-hour or for natural gas per therm by locking in a competitive rate for a good period of time.

Variable rates are not advisable, because they are not regulated by the New York Public Service Commission. You may end up paying more for variable rates with an alternate supplier than what your local utility offers.

Renewable Energy

Customers can purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in addition to their regular service with Chief Energy. RECs support green energy projects elsewhere in the United States, and help to move the country's dependence away from traditional energy sources.

Renewable energy sources include wind, solar, and biomass. These sources of energy generation leave almost no negative impact on the enviornment.

Chief Energy does not offer renewable energy options at this time.

Other Services

In addition to providing electricity and natural gas supply to residential and commercial customers, Chief Energy also delivers fuel oil to the same customer bases.

Additionally, the company provides hot water heater installations as well as service on boilers and burners. Chief Energy can also help customers meet compliance standards.

Customer Reviews of Chief Energy

As a smaller ESCO, there are few online reviews for the company, making it difficult to judge the customer experience with the company. However, Chief Energy has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau for the few number of complaints filed against it. Find a detailed review of the company on our Chief Energy Reviews page.

Compare reviews with other ESCOs.

Contact Information for Chief Energy

Customers can reach Chief Energy at 1-718-438-6676.

Emergency technicans are available 24 hours a day. During the winter, 24 hour service is available for all customer needs.

For more complete details, check out our .

Company Background

Chief Energy was founded in 1977 as a heating oil company in Brooklyn, New York. Now, the company supplies metro New York with natural gas, electricity, heating oil, and other services including installation and repair.

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