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Established in 2008, Bounce Energy is an alternative electricity supplier operating in three US states. In 2012 J.D. Power and Associates named Bounce Energy one of the top retail electricity companies.

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Service Territory

Bounce Energy provides electricity service in New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.


Retail Residential Offers

Bounce Energy offers a large choice of residential electricity plans, including a customizable option. Some examples include:

Plan Duration Rate Type & Detail Early Termination Fee
Build Your Own Plan* 3-36 months, based on customer preferences Fixed Rate $175; $0 if proof of move is given
Fixed Rate Plans 4, 9, 12, 18, or 24 Months Fixed Rate, varies based on average monthly usage Up to $200 based on plan; $0 if proof of move is given
Green Energy ("Organic" & "Blue Sky" plans) 6 months or more Fixed or variable rates & 100% renewable energy
  • Fixed Rate: $150; $0 if proof of move is given
  • Variable Rate: $0
Bounce 12 or 24 with 20% Wind Energy 12 or 24 months Fixed rate, & 20% wind energy sources $200; $0 if proof of move is given
Variable Price Plans None Variable rate; changes monthly None

For fixed-rate plans, the rate you pay may still change based on changes in state regulations or changes in average monthly electricity consumption.

Customer Rewards

Customers usually can earn gift cards, air miles, or can earn credit on their bills for joining Bounce Energy and/or paying bills on time.

Build Your Own Plan

In addition to the plans that they offer, Bounce Energy also offers customers the option to build their own electricity plan, based on factors such as:

  • Plan length
  • Percentage of renewables
  • Billing preferences
  • Rewards

Consumers pay a fixed rate, the cost of which is determined by average monthly usage and plan characteristics.

Rates for New York Customers

Rate plans with Bounce Energy depend on where you live, and even further, your zip code of residence. New York customers have the choice between various fixed rate contract lengths, and green energy is widely available.

New York electric utilities served by Bounce Energy include:

  1. Central Hudson
  2. ConEdison
  3. National Grid
  4. NYSEG
  5. Orange & Rockland
  6. RG&E

For more details about service in New York state, including rates and contract lengths, check out our Bounce Energy in New York page.

Business Electricity Plans

Bounce Energy also serves commercial clients, with variable and fixed rate plans, and green energy options. Business customers can earn airline mile rewards for energy consumed. There are also plans available for apartment complexes, or "multi-family" use customers.

Customer Reviews

Bounce Energy has high ratings for customer satisfaction, winning JD Power & Associates awards two years in a row for service in Texas. Customers report great savings on fixed rate plans.

However, rewards programs are not always easy to redeem, according to some consumers.

Read more customer feedback, including our take, on our Bounce Energy reviews page.

Contact Information

You can reach Bounce Energy customer service representatives at 1-888-452-6862, from Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM (EST), and Saturday 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM (EST). Read more detailed contact information, including the company's email address, on our .

Company Background

Established in 2008 in Texas, Bounce Energy expanded to serve Pennsylvania customers in 2012 and New York state in 2013. The company focuses on interacting with consumers through social media and e-commerce. Since 2013, Bounce Energy has been a subsidiary of Direct Energy.

In 2012 Bounce Energy won the 'Best in Class' Award from Interactive Media Council for its work in web design.

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