BluCo Energy

Based in New York City, BluCo Energy is an alternate Energy Service Company (ESCO) with roots in energy leading back to 1920.

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Service Area

Electricity is available to customers in New York state in the following counties:

  • Kings (Brooklyn)
  • Queens
  • Richmond (Staten Island)
  • Bronx
  • New York
  • Orange
  • Rockland
  • Westchester

Natural Gas customers are served in all five New York City boroughs, and the county of Nassau.

BluCo Energy has plans to expand in the near future to Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.

Rate Plans Available

Rate Type Contract Length Early Cancellation Fees Details
Fixed Rates 3, 6, or 12 months None
  • Rates remain the same for entire contract period
  • Customers do not pay Merchant Function or GRT Surcharges, saving 3-5%
Variable Rates None None
  • Rates subject to change each month

You will only receive one bill for all charges from your local utility after switching to BluCo Energy.

Budget Billing

Budget payments are available for customers who would like predictable monthly bills. Based on historical usage, BluCo Energy estimates a customers' monthly use so they can pay for the average of their annual consumption each month - leading to bills that are exactly the same for 12 months.

By the end of the 12 month period, customers will pay what they owe, based on the difference between estimated and actual usage. Customers may also get some money back if their annual usage was lower than expected.

Fixed Rates

We recommend fixed rates with Energy Service Companies (ESCOs). This is because paying a flat rate for natural gas per therm or electricity per kilowatt-hour can shield you from market price fluctuations over time.

Based on their respective price trends, we recommend fixed price plans of 12 months or fewer for natural gas customers, and 18 months or more for electricity customers.

Because variable rates are not regulated by your state government, they can end up being more expensive than your local utility. For this reason, we do not recommend variable rates from ESCOs like BluCo Energy.

Community Involvement

BluCo Energy's president Michael Proscia is active in giving back to the community, resulting in earning the Humanitarian Award from the Neighborhood Improvement Association.

The company is heavily involved in community service, with relationships with organizations like 68th Precinct Youth Council and The Jewish Community Center in Staten Island.

Green Commitment

Though the company does not currently offer green energy options, it contributes to the environment by recycling, and supporting green programs like the Green Zone Bill to expand public green space in Staten Island.

Customer Reviews

Customers report that they really enjoy being able to save on fixed rate plans with BluCo Energy. The company also received an A rating from the Better Business Bureau as of March 2015 for its customer service practices.

However, some customers do not appreciate the company's telemarketing practices, and feel that they may not be fully transparent.

Read more customer feedback, including our take, on our BluCo Energy reviews page. You can also compare reviews with other suppliers.

Contact Information

Customers can call BluCo Energy's main customer service line at 1-877-662-5826. For more complete details, check out our .

Company Background

Headquartered in New York City, BluCo Energy has more than 90 years of experience. The company began as Blue Diamond Fuel Company in 1920, providing heating resources and ice.

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