Alpha Gas & Electric Reviews

Alpha Gas & Electric is an alternate natural gas and electricity supplier serving New Jersey and New York customers. The company has positive customer service reviews, but some may feel that salespeople are not straightforward.

Our Take

Customers report enjoying the ability to save on fixed rate plans with Alpha Gas & Electric. Representatives in customer service also have positive reputation among many consumers.

However, there are allegations that sales representatives have not correctly identified themselves to customers. Additionally, customers have felt that variable rates can be unstable and not a good way to save money.

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Available Plans

Plan type Contract length Early cancellation fee Details Our thoughts
Fixed Rates 12 months Estimated use for remainder of contract multiplied by the difference between contract fixed rate and fixed rate at time of cancellation
  • Rates do not change for entire contract period
  • 3 business days right to rescind without penalty
  • Natural gas
Variable Rates None None
  • Rates subject to change each month
  • Plan automatically renews each month
  • 3 business days right to rescind without penalty
Not recommended

Savings on Fixed Rates

Customers report that they are pleased with the amount that they are able to save on fixed rate plans with Alpha Gas & Electric in comparison to rates offered with their local utility.

For electricity customers, we recommend fixed rate contracts of 18 months or more. This is because the price of electricity per kilowatt-hour fluctuates so much over the course of a year, that customers may not be able to take advantage of lower prices with the market drops. However, because the cost of electricity is rising over time, customers can save on periods longer than one year.

Natural gas customers should opt for fixed rate contracts lasting one year or less, because the rate of natural gas per therm or cubic foot is actually falling over time, but changes so much between the sasons that customers can save if they lock in a competitive rate. Prices for natural gas are the cheapest in winter, when higher demand drives down prices per therm.

Good Customer Service Experiences

Positive experiences with customer service representatives are common among Alpha Gas & Electric customers. Many feel that representatives are helpful, and do a good job of addressing their needs.

Inconsistent Sales Identification

Some customers state that they have received sales solicitations from Alpha Gas & Electric where representatives did not correctly identify themselves. There are allegations that people working for the company said that they worked for customers' local utilities during sales pitches.

Unstable Variable Rates

Variable rates may not be a good deal with the company, according to some customers. Because rates are not regulated by your local government, variable rates can be unpredictable and can end up more expensive than rates at your local utility.

Company Background

Alpha Gas & Electric is an alternate supplier serving natural gas and electric customers in New Jersey and New York.

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