Alpha Gas & Electric

Based in New Jersey, Alpha Gas & Electric is an alternate supplier providing New York and New Jersey customers with natural gas and electricity service.

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States Served

Alpha Gas & Electric (AG&E) serves New York and New Jersey with natural gas and electricty. It plans to expand soon to Pennsylvania.

Utilities Served

State Utilities Covered
New Jersey
  • JCP&L
  • New Jersey Natural Gas
  • PSEG
  • Rockland Electric
New York

Rate Plans

Customers will still receive just one bill from their local utility after switching to AG&E.

It may take 2 months to switch your service over to AG&E after signing up.

Plan Type Contract Length Early Cancellation Fee Details
Fixed Rates 12 months Estimated use for remainder of term multiplied by difference between contract fixed rate and market fixed rate at cancellation
  • Rates remain the same for entire contract period
  • 3 business days right to rescind
Variable rates None None
  • Rate subject to change each month
  • Service automatically renews each month
  • 3 business days right to rescind

AG&E offers a guarantee that customers on variable rate plans will pay less with AG&E than their local utility over a one year period. Customers who stay with the company for less than one year have no such guaranteed savings.

Fixed Rate Savings

Fixed rate contracts are your best bet with alternate suppliers like AG&E. This is because customers can save over time by locking in a competitive rate for a good amount of time.

Because the price of natural gas per therm falls over time, customers choosing a natural gas contract should opt for shorter fixed rate concerts. There are large changes between seasons, so customers can save if they lock in a good rate during the winter, when prices for natural gas are the cheapest. For these reasons, we recommend natural gas plans of 12 months or fewer.

The price of electricity per kilowatt-hour increases over time, but it changes so much over the course of a year that customers on fixed rate plans may miss out on savings when the market price falls during shorter periods of time. In order to save, electricity customers should choose contracts lasting 18 months or more.

Variable rate plans are not recommended. Suppliers like AG&E are not regulated by your state government, so variable rates can change more than what your local utility offers.


Customers can earn $25 for each friend they refer who signs up for service.

Rewards are distributed as a check, which customers will receive within one billing cycle of the referral going through.

Customer Reviews

The company has positive reviews from Better Business Bureau, earning a B+ rating as of March 2015 for responding effectively to customer concerns.

Some customers feel that they have had misleading interactions with AG&E sales representatives. There are allegations that representatives may not correctly identify themselves.

Read more customer feedback, including our take, on our Alpha Gas & Electric reviews page. You can also compare reviews with other alternate suppliers.

Contact Information

You can reach Alpha Gas & Electric Representatives at 1-888-636-3749. Check out more complete details on our .

Company Information

AG&E is headquartered in Lakewood, New Jersey. It also has satelite offices in New Jersey and New York.

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