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Founded in 2002, AEP Energy provides electricity and gas supply to over 150,000 customers across four states. The energy supplier is affiliated with the traditional utility company American Electric Power Company, founded in 1906, but operates separately and addresses customer retail choice needs.

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Residential Service

AEP Energy provides residential electric service in the following states:


In 2014, AEP Energy began providing residential natural gas service in the state of Ohio.

AEP Energy Service Area

Some of the more popular utility service areas in which AEP Energy is active include:

  • AEP Ohio (Ohio Power Company)
  • Ameren
  • Columbia Gas of Ohio
  • AEP Ohio (Columbus Southern Power Co.)
  • Dayton Power & Light
  • Duke Energy
  • Jersey Central Power & Light
  • Met-Ed
  • Ohio Edison
  • PPL Electric Utilities
  • Penelec
  • Public Service Electric & Gas
  • Toledo Edison
  • West Penn Power

Business Services Offered

In addition to offering residential electricity service in four states, and natural gas service in one, AEP Energy also provides industrial and commercial customers with services including personalized energy plans. Business customers are served in 7 US states and territories, including Delaware, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.

Retail Offers Available to Residential Customers

AEP Energy offers traditional variable rate plans, whereby the cost of energy fluctutates along with market prices. The company also has a variety of fixed rate options.

Plan Type Details
Fixed Rate
  • Terms vary - 6, 12, 36 months
  • Customer pays same rate for entire contract period
  • Termination fees for some electricity and natural gas plans, depending on your location
  • Customer is billed on a variable rate at end of contract period
Renewable Energy Fixed-Rate Plan
  • 12 month or longer terms, renewable but becomes variable rate afterwards
  • Rate is the same for 12 months
  • Depending on the plan, there may or may not be early cancellation fees

Electricity prices are measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh) and natural gas is measured in therms or CCF.

Green Energy Options

Renewable energy options for AEP Energy's residential and business electricity customers help to reduce environmental impact. Renewable energy comes from sources which generate less pollution than traditional sources, like natural gas, and are renewable - that is, do not deplete natural resources.

AEP Energy offers wind energy certified by Green-e Energy.

Demand Based Pricing

AEP Energy participates in some demand based pricing schemes, also known as Time of Use plans, in order to incentivize lower usage of energy. AEP Energy notifies customers during times of high demand that they can save money by reducing use, which also helps ease the burden on the grid.

Refer a Friend Program

Customers receive a $25 gift card for referring a friend to AEP Energy, who also receives a gift card, based on minimum usage by the new customer.

Energy Efficiency

AEP Energy performs energy efficiency assessments for business customers. Since businesses generally use energy on a larger scale than residential customers, savings in efficiency can make a big impact both energy costs and the environment.

Customer Reviews for AEP Energy

Customers report that they have been able to save significantly on fixed rate plans with AEP Energy, in comparison to rates offered with their local utility. Additionally, the company has top reviews from the Better Business Bureau.

However, other customers report that they variable rates can be expensive and unpredictable. Additionally, some consumers are frustrated with the number of telemarketing phone calls they receive from AEP Energy.

Read more customer experiences with the company, including our opinion, on our AEP Energy reviews page.

Contact AEP Energy

You can reach AEP Energy by phone at 1-866-258-3782, from Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM (EST). Read for the company.

About AEP Energy

American Electric Power Company (AEP), a regulated traditional utility founded in 1906, has a number of subsidiaries and serves 11 states and over 5 million consumers. In 2002, AEP opened a competitive retail subsidiary called AEP Energy, which serves a total of 7 deregulated US states and has several subsidiaries of its own.

Though the two entities operate in different realms - AEP in the delivery & supply of energy, AEP Energy in the supply - AEP Energy still operates as an affiliated company of AEP. In 2012, after AEP purchased BlueStar Energy Holdings Inc., AEP Energy acquired its competitive retail electricity arm, BlueStar Energy Solutions.

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