PPL Electric Utilities Price to Compare Update: December, 2015

PPL Electric Utilities has changed its Price to Compare, effective December 1st, 2015. The supply rate that residential customers who have chosen to purchase electricity from the utility and not from an alternate supplier has gone down from 9.493 cents per kWh to 7.878 cents per kWh, bringing the average monthly price of electricity supply down from $66.01 to $55.15.


As a reminder, the Price to Compare is the rate that PPL Electric Utilities charges to customers who purchase electricity supply from the utility and not from a competitive electric supplier. This is the price that PPL Electric Utilities customers should use when shopping for electricity rates to ensure that they will find a good deal.  

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With the Price Drop, is Switching Worth it?

The Price to Compare changes every six months, to reflect the cost of power purchases and any changes in customer usage in the previous period. While rates charged by PPL Electric Utilities are regulated, this does not necessarily mean that customers can't find a lower rate when they switch to a competitive electricity supplier. For example, here are some of the lower rates that we have available for customer's in the PPL Electric Utilities service area.

Competitive Electric Supplier Rates Available for PPL Electric Utilities Customers
Supplier Plan Average Monthly Price (700 kWh/month) Savings
Oasis Energy 6.99¢/kWh for 5 months $48.93 $6.22 per month
Oasis Energy 7.09¢/kWh for 12 months $49.63 $5.52 per month
Clearview Energy 7.39¢/kWh for 12 months $51.73 $3.42 per month
Think Energy 7.40¢/kWh for 12 months $51.80 $3.35 per month
TriEagle Energy 7.56¢/kWh for 36 months $52.92 $2.23 per month

Prices valid for November 30th, 2015

What's more, customers who switch to an alternate supplier will gain peace of mind knowing that they have locked in savings for an extended period of time. So what are you waiting for? Call us at 347-410-8789 to take advantage of the savings available in your area.