Electricity prices (per square foot ft²)

Every month, Americans spend on average $112 on their electricity bill. How much do you pay every month per square foot?

Monthly electricity price per square foot

Electricity bills can vary substantially from the size of your home. It is therefore useful to look at how much each square foot costs you in electricity.

Here is the monthly electricity bill for typical US homes:

Size of household Average electricity monthly expense (2009 EIA data) Per square foot
US average: 1971 sq ft $112 ¢6
Fewer than 500 sq ft $52 above ¢10
500 - 1000 sq ft $75 ¢10
1000 - 1500 sq ft $100 ~ ¢8
1500 - 2000 sq ft $120 ~ ¢7
2000 - 2500 sq ft $124 ~ ¢6
2500 - 3000 sq ft $130 ~ ¢5
3000 - 3500 sq ft $135 ~ ¢4
3500 - 4000 sq ft $147 ~ ¢4
4000  sq ft or more $174 under ¢4

To estimate your own expenses per square foot, take your last monthly electric bill, and divide it by the surface of your home. If you are paying more than what is shown in this graph, you should consider switching suppliers to save on your energy bill.

What elements may increase my electric bill

First of all, the total amount of your monthly electricity bill is defined by:

  • Whether your water heater is electric or gas
  • Whether your space heating is electric or gas
  • Whether your stove is electric or gas

If these are all electric, then your electric bill will naturally be higher each month (but you will have no gas expense). If these are all gas, then your electric bill will be low, but your gas bill will be higher.

Our advice to reduce your electricity bill

Here a few pieces of advice to reduce your electricity bill:

Make your home less energy hungry

If your space heater is electric, invest in home isolation. Also, try using low consumption electric appliances. Think about low consumption light bulbs as well.

Use less energy on a daily basis

Bring the heating down, favor showers instead of baths, turn your electrical equipment off instead of putting it to sleep.

Use budget billing for your electricity delivery

Budget billing enables you to spread out your bill over the year, in order to pay the same amount every month. In this case, even though you will be charged for your usage of the whole year, each month you will be paying the same amount. If you have bills which change a lot from month to month, and you would like more stable energy bills, you should sign up for budget billing with your utility company. For more information, check our Budget Billing page.

Switch supplier and choose a fixed rate plan

By switching supplier, you can also better manage your monthly electricity expenses. Suppliers offer a variety of deals which your utility company doesn't. Fixed rates are the best type of rate if you wish to stabilize your monthly bill. Find out more about switching suppliers on our dedicated Suppliers page.